Meet Amy

Hello! I'm Amy Westman, founder of Amy West Floral. I live in coastal Santa Cruz, CA with my husband, our chubby cat, and our crazy dog. My history with flowers goes back to my diaper days, toddling around my grandmother's yard "helping" her plant, and I've continued gardening for most of my life. After moving into our current garden and discovering that there is such a thing as growing too many tomatoes, I switched most of my garden to growing flowers for our wedding, and sharing arrangements with everyone I could. Wedding planning appealed to my project management background, and I loved working with my amazing vendors to make sure every little detail was perfect for the big day. When I'm not in the garden or foraging for floral treasures, I can be found with my husband working on our fixer-upper, trail running with the dog, planning our next trip to visit friends and family, or curled up with a book and a mug of tea.